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Roofing Marketing Experts – Rules For Hire!

The 5  Rules To Consider Before You Act

Your probably in consideration of hiring a marketing expert for your roofing campaign or you have hired one or a few marketing people in the past and inevitabely it has not always gone according to plan.  You have not been delivered what you expected or for one of many reasons, your return on investment has not given you a return.

The Problem

 How do we identify one marketing professional from another and avoid spending thousands to find out if they are any good or not, how do we stack the risk in the favour of the roofing contractor so they do not waste time and money in growing their company?

The Solution

 Hire a roofing marketing industry specialist that does nothing else expect run marketing campaigns for roofing contractors and knows exactly the number of calls you will get down to the number for every 1000 spent on the campaign.  See more below..

When it comes to having to hire someone to do your marketing for you, this can be doing a number of tasks from Adwords, to Google my- Business, to generating leads or one of many tasks.

The question remains how do you hire someone who is competent and who will do the job you need to them to carry out and remain confident that the task will be achieved successfully the same way someone hires you to repair their roof, you expect it to be completed professionally and for it to not leak at least with a very high chance that it will be sealed correctly.

unfortunately in the marketing industry today, there remains a-lot of marketing amateurs that operate and don' deliver as well as they should, now I realise there are a lot of very good professionals as well, but from what I can see the proportion is too high and success rates can be low depending on who you hire and how you choose a roofing marketing expert.

How To Hire A Marketing Expert

This brings us to the next section with the question, how do you hire a marketing expert and remain confident they will 'achieve and Get you results.

Rule 1- Make sure whoever you hire is a specialist in that industry and only works with roofing contractors. The reason why is if you hire someone who is a marketing professional, the odds are the work with multiple industries and while this is on, the odds that they know the roofing industry well and can achieve you results are slim, as you cant know a cross range of trades riches well and achieve good results. A roof marketing Expert and industry specialist will always beat the results of a generalist.  Most marketing agencies and professionals will be generalists.  

Rule 2- Make sure they know their numbers. what I mean by this is, for every floor or $ two spent they should be able to tell you down to the number what amount of calls or leads you will get. This figure should be between 10 - 30 calls or leads.  So why the broad range, was depending on where you are, city or country prices for the likes of Adwords will vary a lot when it comes to say getting calls using Google Adwords . if you were to hire myself today to build you a successful marketing campaign. I can tell you almost exactly the average cost per call and how many calls you will get per 1000 spent. I will know what keywords exactly will convert your campaign into calls as I have been testing this for a number of years.

A generalist can have the same number of years of experience but remember this is divided up by all the different industries that they serve and all industries have different keywords landing page styles, services etc.

Rule 3- Exclusivity - In hiring an Industry expert,  specialist make sure you are the only company that they are promoting in your local city or county. Because Industry marketing experts are specialists, they can (or should) be able to push up the quality scores in Google Adwords, you don't want to be competing with another client in the same city of the population is under one million people. Population greater than this or equal to this has the volume so you wont need to be as concerned:

Rule 4- Marketing Campaign Plan. As an Industry expert, when hiring a good marketing expert, they should be able to deliver a more comprehensive advertising plan and what I mean by this, as an Industry expert, because one focuses on one specific sector, you are able to deliver to clients a more comprehensive approach to generating calls and leads for companies in not just Adwords but also google maps, facebook, organic ranking etc. You are far less likely to receive this service in an agency as the nature of their services are more spread out and limited in this opportunity. A roofing marketing specialist is far more likely to know what works for all advertising sectors and put together a more rounded campaign because the only focus on one sector.

Rules 5 - Always measure the return on your Investment. What I mean by this is, it is common for weaker roofing companies to take on a marketing promotion in for example say, to run an Adwords campaign, they get delivered say 25 calls for flow spent on ads. After three to four months of receiving calls, 'they come back to you and say this isn t working. When you try to break down the call volume to identify what is not working, I wont ask them one out of the 25 roofing calls delivered, what percentage converted into sales, often they don't know, but despite not knowing what amount of calls turned to business, they remain certain that it doesn't work.

My Issue here is if you don't measure your Return on Investment, you don't know that it doesn't work. If you spend 2000 a month on a roofing marketing campaign, you only need to bring in  4000 for a 200%  and 6000 will bring in a 300% which  which would be a good Return.  Three times your money back for every 1 spent.  

Don't make decisions on something without knowing exactly whats happening. When trying to break down which part of the system is not working, the numbers will identify this . Example, if 25 calls are delivered from property owners to the contractor, often the calls are delivered but the contractor is not converting' them into sales which is a different issue to getting poor quality calls or not enough calls. Again when you know your numbers, you can solve this problem.

If you do need in industry roofing marketing specialist, by all means get in touch to discuss how we can build your roofing brand and grow the amount of calls and leads you have coming in every month.  Find out more about our Roofclient system.


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