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Getting More Roofing Calls...

In his book by Brendon Burchard "High Performance" he says with regard to all high performers " If you leave your growth to randomness, you'll always live in the land of mediocrity" and when it comes to mediocrity, the problem with this is when a business is only average at what it does, it is always increasingly (theses days), more likely to not just struggle to survive but more likely to fail.

In order for any local or regional business like your roofing business to thrive and grow, unless it dominates and has a strong local standing online among your competitors, it will struggle if not now, in the near future.  

The Problem

Any roofing contractor leaving their business growth to randomness will always be challenged by mediocre business results resulting in peak and trough trading cycles and eventual decline.

The Solution

The solution to getting away from mediocrity and acceptable to poor volumes of business is to have a "predictable client system for generating new business".

A predictable growth system will put in place a strong marketing strategy to allow you to continue to bring in customers and clients more consistently than your competitors so when you are in a quiet period or want to extend your business to a new city or regional area, you have a plan to achieve this by making sure your business is in front of the right customers more often than your competitor or at-least as often as they are with a goal to outperform them. So how is this achieved........

So What Can You Expect?

So what can you expect when it comes to generating more roofing calls from clients who want their property roofed or serviced.  During , 2020 we delivered over 5000 roofing calls to clients during the Covid period which was difficult but we achieved it.  

When it comes to generating a consistent flow of calls and building a brand into the future, if you come on as a client today, in four weeks, we will generate approximately between 40-50 calls for you, and if you we implement our predictable client system for you we will increase that call volume to between 100-150 calls a month depending on your geographic area and population but with a city / county size of about 300,000 or more, you can generate up to around 150 calls a month when all pieces are in place.

  • Month 1 - 40 Calls
  • Month 2 - 50 Calls
  • Month 3 - 60 Calls
  • Month ....
  • Month 9 - 100 Calls
  • Month.....
  • Month 12 - 100 - 150 Calls Monthly

To find out more, book an appointment below to schedule a call and we can see if we can work together to deliver you more calls.  Click below to schedule a time to talk.

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Roofing Marketing System

step 1


In the first few weeks of putting things in place for you, we start a campaign for you using paid ads and make sure with careful attention to quality scores that you are number 1 for customer keywords such as "roof repairs City" and "roofing contractor" so you can get some clients calling you in the first two to three days of launching the campaign.  

step 2


After about 6-8 weeks when your paid ads are working well, we start working on your local business profile, this includes your reviews, list of services, your locations you rank in the local towns and neighbourhoods for these services and optimise them so you rank in addition to your paid ads campaign. This will run form about week 8 to week 20. 

step 3


Once you have your paid ad campaign in place, the your local listing is optimised and ranking for keywords like "roof repairs +neighbourhood" its time to start working on your organic and regional rankings so you have three possibilities of getting calls in, on any search engine, 1, Google Ads, 2. Google Maps, 3 Organic Listings, 4. Social (Optional & Extra) with all three elements in place, when a client is searching for you online, you dominate all three places.  You can ad on a fourth strategy but w'ell leave that for a later time to ad more calls.  If you like to have a chat and see if this can work for you, click below to get in touch.

Over 5000 Local Calls Delivered Last Year