PPC Adwords

The Problem:

The main problem with Google Adwords system is that is is offered as service by a lot of marketing providers but very few master it so they know their numbers down to the exact amount of expected call per over all adspend and how to improve the quality scores so your Ad Ranks number 1.  

The Solution:

We are specialists in running Adwords for contractors and have generated over 10,000 calls in the last 36months a lot mainly using Goole Adwords and we regularly have ads running in most cities and are specialists in running roofing contractor ads among other contractors services.  

perfect ppc ad

An example of one of our ad running in a city of a population of 1.2 million and ranking Number 1 for Roof Repairs Dublin

PPC Adwords

Creating The Perfect PPC Google Ad

In summary the perfect PPC ad that is effective is simply relevant, specific, solves the searchers problem quickly and easily with little resistance.  

  • Relevant - if the user is looking for "roof repairs" or any "repairs" the ad is going to take them to that service repair page and not to the homepage of a website like most ads do.  Why? well they're not looking for general information, they're looking for information on repairs and how you can help them, additionally, mobile phones don't lend them selves to being devices that you can ready a whole pile of info like you would on a computer and as most searches are now on mobile, most ad campaigns do not convert very well partially because of this.  
  • Specific - All keywords should be grouped into categories in order to ensure they are specific to the searchers query, alto of ad campaigns lack specificity simply because they are sending all keywords to a homepage and it  increases the resistance the reader has in getting tin touch with the service company.  

For more information on how to create the perfect contractor or tradesman service ad, you can go here to find out more but basically a perfect ad for your contractor services is one that ranks number 1 for the main keywords such as example Roofing + City and it as a very appealing headline and description along with a visible phone number and has other services listed on ad.  

Poor Quality Scores

Google ranking factor for ads and how they are ranked from number 1 to number 3 or 4 are based on quality scores.  poor quality score ads will rank lower in the rankings and as a result get less conversions.  You need you quality scores to average or above average in order to rank 1 or 2 positions consistently.  

Our ads usually ave a quality score of 7/8 or above and when they do, they consistently rank high using a landing page or a funnel and not a website as website can be more difficult to change content and send prospects to page specific services which will in turn increase the chances of converting into a client. 

If you want to run a profitable Adwords campaign for your business, get in touch below, we delivered over 10,000 calls and leads to contractors and trades men in the last 36 months, we know our numbers and we know exactly how many calls you will get for every 1000 ad spend.

A good tip for you in trying to find an Adwords specialist to run your campaign, they should know down to with 5 calls exactly how many leads you can generate for your adspend.  If they don't, then don't hire them.   

Over 5000 Local Calls Delivered Last Year