Aspect Roofing

Case Study - Aspect Roofing

Company - Aspect Roofing

County Population - 525,000

City Size - 125,000

Time Period - Jan 22- March 23

(Sample Period - Jan 23- March 23)


Aspect Roofing were a new company with no online profile and no local history online when it came to building out their profile, we had to start from zero.  Challenge was to get leads within the local city for a company with no reputation online and in the past used newspapers and word of mouth to generate leads. Online world was different to them and took a while to get them to understand the process of how things worked with Adwords and how long it would take to generate calls and leads and what the process would involve given their lack of online history.

Sample Period Jan 1st - April 5th 2023 (Three Months)

The above multi coloured image 1 shows the total numbers for the full campaign, nearly 60,000 impressions, an average CTR of 9.08% and an average CPC of 6.08 and a total spend of 32.7 thousand euros.  

With regards to the calls and leads, the above sample is taken for the last three months which can be mainly quiet for roofing with some periods of busy times with heavy rain.  The numbers show calls and leads from Jan 1st to -April 5th 2023 and shows 55 calls + 113 email leads with a total of 168 leads divided by three months = 55 leads a month.

This is a lower lead figure than the overall average, of which I cant show as we had to change phone lead platform during the campaign but the average for the whole period of the campaign is higher at approximately 65 leads a month with approximately 50 calls and 15 email leads which is different to the last three months but leads on average were between 50-65 per month for the entire campaign.

Three Month Averages & Costs - Jan - March

Average Spend Per month on Ads - €2,500

With an Average for 55 leads per month

Average cost per lead is €45 per Lead Cost

Full Campaign Monthly Average Leads - 60 per month

Average cost per lead = €41 per lead 

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