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Google’s Guaranteed Ads For Roofing Gradual Rollout

Google Guaranteed Local Service Ads For Roofing

We've been expecting and seeing the rollout of Google's Local service ads or guaranteed ads which are intended to offer the customer a greater sense of security when it comes to hiring a roofing contractor in Dublin and throughout Ireland eventually.  At the moment we are beginning to see the first of the ads for Google's guaranteed service offering property owners a refund if they are entirely unsatisfied with the service provider up to a certain amount. 

The first ad I have spotted for a roofing contractor in Dublin you can see below: 

Whats different about these ads is the green check-mark representing the guaranteed ad and after that, they appear to be a little more sleek and more minimalistic than the regular ads.  At the moment we are only seeing a few providers, in fact the ad only showed a maximum of three ads from guaranteed providers see here:

Ok, so what, how does this impact the regular ads and how will roofing contractors be impacted by this additional layer of ads and another layer from the top that the user has to scroll down to find a provider.  If we are to look at this both from the problem and the opportunity, how will this impact the contractor and the property owner.  

The Problem:

The problem here for the roofing contractor is as we already mentioned, there is another additional layer of ads above your current PPC ads that was not there before.  The google guaranteed contractors that are certified by Google will start to look a little more credible than other providers.  Property owners are offered the guarantee that is not not offered by regular ads, the current PPC ads are pushed down and obviously prioritising the LSA (Local Service Ads).  To be Google Guaranteed, roofing contractors will need to show Google the businesses Insurance and documentation as well as current reviews to build a case to become a provider. 

The Solution:

It may seem obvious but the qualification process is reasonable straight forward, obviously the roofing business will need to have insurance and show the company is an actively registered business and have reviews, most credible roofing contractors will have this in place anyway, if you need to apply and for Google local service ads, let me know and I can do this for you, we have been running Google Adwords for roofing contractors which we specialise in and currently two of the three companies listed was in the ads above was certified through us here.  We have delivered over 10,000 calls to roofing contractors in the last 36 months despite Covid.  For more info ho there to schedule a time to chat.


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