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Adwords Specialist

What Should You Expect?

When comes to hiring anyone for a services such as Adwords Services, assuming you don't want to do it your self and if you do you can start here.  

If however you want to hand it over to a specialist, then what can you expect and what should you expect and if someone was clear in what they want from the specialist, then the question remains, what do you need to look for in making sure you can achieve the outcome you need from the specialist in Adwords services.  

What would be reasonable to expect in order for you to achieve your outcome using the specialist as your service provider.  Here are some guidelines that you can consider however every client is different expectations and depending on yours you will be the best judge of that when assessing a specialists ability to deliver what you need.

Experience - Adwords is an effective tool to generate clients and leads but does require time and patience on behalf of anyone learning the platform and all its nuances from Adrank to Quality score to negative keywords, not to mention landing pages and analytics all of which are part of the process in using this platform effectively.  Given all of this it would be reasonable to expect someone to have more than five years full-time experience in using the platform.  

Industry Specialisation - When it comes to industry specialisation, this is something I have a preference someone has but I also know that you cant be a specialist in all industry sectors but someone who is a specialist if not in the specific sector you are needing, then if they have experience in a related or close industry vertical, then this will give you a big advantage in getting quick returns and results.   When I started out in doing Adwords, I specialised in doing Adwords for Roofing Contractors and this served me well in achieving an average return of 50-65 leads a month for each contractor and I could beat any ads in most cities definitely in Ireland and the UK as after refining it over months and months you do know the nuances required to beat most competitors within reason.  Now that experience would allow me to compete with almost all trades and construction as its within the same area and most is repetition when it comes to building out the ads and campaigns. So find someone you had some background in your industry sector or someone you know has the capability to figure it out.

Consistent Performance - You can argue that experience and consistency and performance go together and to clarify what I mean by this when someone is a specialist at something and they have focused in specific tasks over time they tend to have a track record that will be hard to match by more generalists, now in saying that there are plenty generalists marketing services out there that will deliver good services from SEO, to local marketing as well as Adwords especially if they have the staff to cover it but an Adwords specialist with a single focus will always beat a generalist as they will deliver time and iterations on a single task or area that will allow them to avoid the distractions of generalist marketing services in almost all cases.  

At the end of the day, it will be easier to find a generalist who can deliver your results but Adwords specialists have more focused time put into their task and it will come down to what you feel is right for you but worth keeping this in mind.  If you are looking for an Adwords specialists then get in touch.  For a step by step guide on Adwords, check this out for video on learning more about Adwords, check out Isaac for more information, one of the best at learning Adwords.  


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