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How To Create Google Ads That Beat Your Competitors

How to create better google ads in order to beat your competitors rankings and get cheaper clicks while doing so.

Sounds like it's too good to be true that you can beat your competitors ads and get it done at a cheaper rate so effectively you are saving money while beating your competitors ads and obviously generating more revenue assuming you are turning the leads into sales.

  • OK, so how do we do this, first of all the step 1, I use a tool called Mobile Moxie (this tool allows to see your ads running real time on mobile and computer) to look a my ads every day and compare them to my competitors ads and see if i would be more likely to click on my ad versus my competitors ads irrelevant of the rankings which is a different issue to deal with.

  • Looking at my ad in the example image below, for the purpose of this article, my ad is the green ad outlined on the image.  The competitor's ad is in red.  

  • Straight away you can see differences like our ad has an image which will attract the attention of the prospective customer which the other ad does not have

  • As my ad is on top, the first ad is more likely to get the option by Google to have the phone number and extensions such as: Guttering Services & Roofing Repairs if I want to reach out to homeowners how maybe have a gutter job to be done but also maybe have some roof repair work, now I am increasing my chances of extra work and appearing a better provider.

  • The competitor in red does have both services of guttering and fascia soffits in their head line that the green ad does not have and this is an advantage over the green ad but apart from that the green ad has got ranking higher and a better visible chance of getting a click from a prospect.

How Do We Redesign The Red Ad To Compete with The Green Ad?

From looking at these two ads I can see that the green ad has a better quality score and this gives it better positioning than the red ad.  In order to improve quality score, and say we had the red ad and wanted to compete with the green ad.  I would consider improving the quality score firstly before redesign the ad.

Quality scores can be improved by making your ad more relevant to the searcher's intent when its comes to creating ads with high quality scores.  Things that can improve your ads are for example using funnels or landing pages rather than website pages so you can change each landing page for each keyword category so for example 

Keyword Category (Gutters)

“Guttering City”

“Gutter repairs”

“Gutter repairs +city”

This category (Gutters) would have its own landing page or funnel and we can then alter the content so any visitors and only coming to a guttering page and not the home-page of a website.  Then if we decide to run a campaign in another county, we can create a second landing page (copy of this one) and change up the county or city name that we are targeting so all visitors are only seeing what is directly relevant to them in service requirement and in geo location.  Which will in turn create a better chance of converting customers.

What most campaigns so wrong is they are driving a lot of keywords both say service 1: roofing repairs and Service 2: guttering  all are being sent to one home page and then the user has to find the service pages themselves and if you are dealing with a mobile, you are unlikely to click into other pages.  

So to keep it simple, one keyword category to match one service or sub service and go to one service page directly relevant to the search including city or location.  This will help improve your quality scores greatly along with having relevant descriptions and titles on your ads and landing pages.

For more advice on running Google Ad campaigns, get in touch to either coach or advise you are we also can run your campaigns for you if that is a preference.  

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