Patric Thomas

Patric has been a marketing consultant for over fifteen years in helping local business owners build out their brand authority and expertise online.  My expertise is in lead generation and generating leads and prospects for local businesses so essentially "we make the phone ring in some shape or form, whether its a lead that a prospect wants to you to contact them back or whether they contact you directly, I put your prospects in front of you and get you see above your competitors.

Patric has a degree in Marketing from the University of Limerick and a Masters in Management Consulting form Smurfit College of Business in University College Dublin.  

What We Do

I fell into doing Adwords and paid advertising through listening to the needs of local business who and will always require more leads and have always found it an excellent source of lead generation for all types of businesses.  There is three components to running any business and they are Acquisition, Conversion and Delivery.  I help business owners with the first part of that three part system.  Client acquisition being the lead generation part of any business, the next two parts are most done by the business themselves (Conversion) Sales and (Delivery) product or service delivery.

How We Do It

Lead Generation or Client Acquisition is generally achieved in three primary ways, 1)  Paid Advertising or PPC Adwords and this is broken down into Google Guarantee and Adwords themselves.  2.) Local Search Marketing using Google business profiles and geo relevant information where businesses are listed locally.  3.) The third system is Organic search using Search engines optimisation to enhance the organic listings for keywords related to services or products you want to rank for.

The Problem:

All business owners want to stand out and grow their business whether you are a local small business owner that does most business within a 15 to 25 mile radius or someone you are a niche specialist and has a national or even international reach.  Either way you need to place yourself in the best possible position in front of your target customer or client, challenge is there is also many other businesses doing the same and offering the same even so how to you achieve this so you are competitive and stand out beyond all you competition and do this without getting consumed by the rising cost of advertising while directly communicating with your client or prospect?

The Solution:

Know exactly what you are the very best at doing and providing for the potential customer, that is most businesses offer a variation of approximately five or so different service within the service they offer, choose one you do best and find the exact client with the need for your exact solution and identify them and put in front of them in a way that none of your competitors are doing, be the expert and the authority in a refined and dialled in service and offer and do it better than anyone else.  Now this can be easier said than done but specialisation and narrow focus will allow you to become the best and reduce the overall distraction of multiple services and customers types.  Narrow & Simplify Your Offer

How We Run Great Ad Campaigns

Expertise and mastery of anything is achieved through focused and consistent effort over time, micro attention to detail achieved through feedback and improvement as well as simplification achieved through elimination of complexity.

It's what I strive to achieve in my own personal life and have alway had great admiration for anyone who is and expert and a master in their field.  When we run ad campaigns this attention to detail is what separates the great from the good.  Like professional athletes, there is never much time between the first, second and third place, and it always comes down to attention to small detail over time will get you the first place.  

We started with Lead generation as this was the primary challenge of a lot of business owners, how to get the phone ringing on a regular bases and how to position you brand profile and authority using their websites, Google maps, social platforms as well as organic rankings for heavily searched content keywords, if you can start to dominate these areas locally, its easy to build and grow your profile from there as an expert whether its locally or nationally.  

Some Reasons to Choose Us

Attention to detail 

Striving for Mastery

Results based Outcomes

Proven Track Record

Not happy until we're the best

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