Patric Thomas

Patric has been a marketing consultant for over fifteen years in helping local business owners build out their brand authority and expertise so they could stand out from their competitors and start to be seen as the go to expert starting with their local area and industry and then growing their authority from local to regional and then to national and for some who want to grow their international authority.  

Depending on your business and goals, it's the same process, just different focus when it comes to local brand authority and national brand authority, a little more work, yes.  Patric now is a full time coach that shows business owners how to build and grow their own brand authority using his fifteen years of digital marketing experience in building out brand authority online.

The Problem:

All business owners want to stand out and grow their business whether you are a local small business owner that does most business within a 15 to 25 mile radius or someone you are a niche specialist and has a national or even international reach.  Either way you need to place yourself in the best possible position in front of your target customer or client, challenge is there is also many other businesses doing the same and offering the same even though you can argue the service may be inferior or lacking, problem is very often the customer doesn't know this until it too late.

The Solution:

Know exactly what you are the very best at doing and providing for the potential customer, that is most businesses offer a variation of approximately five or so different service within the service they offer, choose one you do best and find the exact client with the need for your exact solution and identify them and put in front of them in a way that none of your competitors are doing, be the expert and the authority in a refined and dialed in service and offer.

Where  We Started

Patric started out in helping local business owners generate leads and calls and from here started to realise what it takes for some business owners to get calls over other competitors and started to see what separated one client from another and how they were perceived online and how this could be enhanced to build authority and expertise starting locally and growing it from their.  

We started with Lead generation as this was the primary challenge of a lot of business owners, how to get the phone ringing on a regular bases and how to position you brand profile and authority using their websites, Google maps, social platforms as well as organic rankings for heavily searched content keywords, if you can start to dominate these areas locally, its easy to build and grow your profile from there as an expert whether its locally or nationally.  

We have over the years generated thousands of leads and calls for local business owners and now in recent years focused on helping them build authority and expertise and we feel this is what gives businesses the edge.  

Authority & Expertise Step By Step

Now Patric has built out a coaching system to help business owners build out, and grow their own brand authority and expertise in order to generate more business, resulting in increased leads and calls.  All parts of the brand authority and expertise system is given to you so you know exactly what to do next and what to focus on.  

Even if you know very little about the web and internet marketing, we show you step by step giving you the knowledge and direction that a lot of marketing service owners lack, you will have the knowledge and guidance to know what you need to do in order to build out your brand authority and expertise, just follow the steps using our step by step Authority Apprentice Program to become an expert and authority to your target audience.  

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