Contractor Marketing Consultant

patricthomas.com 34 sizeWont keep you long, I know your busy, appreciate your time, if you’re here reading this, you probably need to generate more client calls for you business and that we can help you with, first of all, a small bit about myself, i’m a local marketing consultant specialising in generating customer and client calls for local business and making sure their websites get chosen above their competitors. We mostly work with roofing contractors and have a refined system and process to get you calls and leads.


Why do we do this?  Well the most important part of any local business is customer and client calls, these are the water supply to any entrepreneurial garden so we see it as the most important part of any business, and as I am a business owner myself, we like helping local business entrepreneurs and there is no better way we know than supply you with the water (new business) to make a business grow.  Today we deliver local business results in a number of countries.  

Local Business Owners

Local businesses started asking me to help them, my first client was not a roofing contractor but a local storage business Bigbluebox that needed our help and we helped grow them from having 10 storage containers to over 100 storage containers supplying local businesses with extra space.  we were primarily motivated to do it because I had my good stored there and needed to keep them there when I was starting out in business and after moving cities with my wife and kids and Ireland was in a big recession, had to make it work.  Tuff times but we’re better for it.


Today we specialise in helping roofing contractors generating a consistent flow of clients making sure they dominate in the local cities they serve, for this we use our client generating system that we have refined and perfected that will always generate results, for more info, check out our case studies and testimonials for more info.  We run campaigns in Ireland, UK, USA and Australia for clients and where ever a client needs calls, we can help them.


What makes us different

  1. We specialise in generating customer and client calls for roofing contractors, we do nothing else so you have our full concentration and accumulated skill in making this work for you. 
  2. We have a refined and consistent system that we have worked on over the years that will always delivers and we can tell you what to expect based on call and lead volume if you want to get started with us.
  3. When you come on board, we take your roofing company through a tried and tested system that will deliver roofing calls and leads between 3 and 4 parts of local search where homeowners and property owners look for your services.
  4. We deliver and our results speak for themselves, in 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown we still delivered over 5,000 calls to clients.  We have delivered over 10,000 calls in the last 36 months alone and we expect to double that in the next 15 months.
  5. We know what it takes for any roofing contractor to dominate his local area and the approximate time it will take to achieve this.  We have run many campaigns and tell you down to the number, what to expect with regard to call volume and lead volume from prospects depending on what city you are in.


I hold myself accountable and make sure my clients get one to one personal attention from me alone and make sure their investment into their business yields them an even bigger return on investment.  If you want to find out more and have a chat with us to see if we can work together, find out more here

Over 5000 Local Calls Delivered Last Year