Reputation Marketing

What is it?

It may seem obvious but before I briefly outline the opportunities of any business having a five-star reputation online, reputation itself is the reputation a brand or business has built up online and we’re all aware of the larger brands but, from a local or regional business or any business online, its reputation will be the totality of the available information online about that company and this us usually highlighted in areas such as product / service reviews given by customers.

Why  Reputation Matters

2015 local consumer review survey

Why Customer Reviews Matter

This can be often be one of the most important purchasing factors considered by a customer especially on the online world where often most businesses will appear initially to be providing more or less the same product or service.  A more enhanced reputation online will give a business the advantage in that it will help prospects make the right decision when it comes to evaluating your product or service against your competitors.

Your online marketing reputation matters now more than ever before and if you don’t attend to it, those that do manage their reputation will see the benefits.  Here you can see evidence of it where 97% of those aged between 18-34 read online reviews.

Reputation Marketing

reputation imageReputation Marketing is the building of a five-star reputation online and then using that reputation to marketing that companies product or services to promote itself and generate more business and thereby increase revenue so a companies reputation actually is not just a fixed cost but becomes a revenue generator. Example see here

Reputation Marketing Strategy

Ok, you want to build a five-star reputation online in order to give your business a competitive advantage over your competitors

You need to consider the following, again this will vary depending the size of your business and your geographic reach and how much reputation is expected as well as the overall reputation of your competitors.

  1. Customer Reviews
  2. Referring Sites
  3. Blogs and Forums
  4. Product / Service Videos
  5. Website Videos
  6. Industry Reviews

The above are some of the ways that you can start building your reputation to back up your product or service so when a prospect is interested in purchasing, you have additional credibility and trust built up to take your prospect over the line and turn them into a customer.  We have a number of ways you can do this depending on your budget and what you want to achieve.  Contact us today and will give you some examples of what other clients have done and how it can help your practice.

Let Us Create A Customer Review Video For You

The following video is an example of a customer review we put on Video and marketed it for your client on various social media and video channels so when prospects come looking reviews, you can have studio style video reviews giving your the advantage over your competitors.