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Need More Customers or Clients?

Lead generation image 800x800If you are not currently familiar with exactly lead generation is, well it could be summarised as “In marketing, lead generation is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads”. Wikipedia

In summary basically we generate interest and inquiries about your specific product or service and make sure you have a regular volume of calls coming in for which you have to opportunity to turn from prospects into customers or clients.

How Do We Do That?

Unlike search engine optimization where you would pay a digital marketing service to build rank and optimize your site irrelevelant of the number of customers that yoru site could generate.  Like most companies, they get a site built and put online but rarely optimize it so they have no idea of how many prospects actually come to the site and turn into customers.

Well this why lead generation is different, it saves a company the cost of building and optimizing their site and instead, we build a site for them, optimize it so the phone rings and customers want their service.

Only Pay Us When We Bring You Customers

plumber-worker-with-adjustable-wrench-phone_z1ErZuIu_LLead Generation can have your phone ringing almost immediately without even having a website! Yes. How?  We optimise and build a website quickly so you can have leads coming into your business within a few days.  We build a site for you free of charge, we don’t charge you for the optimization, just pay us when we make the phone ring and bring you in customers.

We are a lead generation company with over ten years of experience in website optimization so we know how to get your phone ringing for you and bring in leads for you.  We set you up so your phone rings and you get customers calling you without spending thousands over a few months trying to rank your website online and you only pay for the qualified leads that you receive.

So why Lead Generation in comparison to other alternatives

  1. Its Cheaper – we usually charge between 25% and up to 50% below the industry average price per lead – this may depend on the industry sector.
  2. You only pay for pre-qualified leads – we make sure that the lead you get are qualified and no junk calls, we don’t charge for calls that are not credible.
  3. All calls of less than 30 seconds are not charged for.
  4. You don’t have to spend money optimising your website and competing with large competitors, we do it for you.
  5. You only pay for the business you get – no calls – no charges.
  6. You can start growing your business and focus on delivering goods and services, let us take care of the marketing.
  7. No costs involved to get started and you have business coming in before have to pay for the leads.
  8. You can scale the volume of calls to your needs and requirements.


One of the great benefits of Lead generation is that there is no risk to you the business owner, we bring you in the leads and you only pay for the business you receive, it quick and could be a good add-on to your current business strategy. If you are keen on growing your business, talk to us here and let us bring you in some extra business in the next few weeks, you’ve got nothing to loose.

As a business owner, one of the greatest challenges to any entrepreneur is the establishing of a business and building of the business so leads come in continuous over the year, with this is large associated costs of websites, optimisation, sales staff etc and I could go on. Lead Generation can be that replacement or complement your current strategy if you are already established but maybe just want to grow your business a little quicker.

Make lead generation part of your marketing strategy today making up the balance of how you grow your business if you are already established in the market. As we said earlier, you only pay for the business you receive so unlike other more expensive methods of marketing, there is no risk to you just more business.

Illustration of a businessman facing front holding chin looking up done in retro woodcut style set inside circle.Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What happens if I get calls that are not for our specific service? Answer You don’t get charged for those calls or any calls shorter than 30 seconds
  • What happens if I get we get a lot of calls enquiries that don’t lead to sales? Answer – Well as a business owner you will know on average how many calls you can turn into sales if we send you say 10 calls today……on average most business owners can convert on average between 50% and 70% of calls, now this is based on our own experience and there are always exceptions.
  • Can we get a Free Trail?  Answer – Yes we work with only one company in a city or maybe two businesses if they can’t cover all the geographic areas, all our partners get a free trial to test it out.
  • What happens if we don’t get any calls? Answer if you get no calls then it costs you nothing, this is unlikely to ever happen.
  • What happens if we get too many calls? – Answer let us know and we will reduce the volume of calls to you.
  • What will the calls cost?  Answer – This will vary and depend on the industry sector but we look at two things to evaluate the price of the calls, the cost of a call using Pay Per Click and the value of a lead to the company.  We usually charge between 25% and 50% below the cost of PPC and this will vary in exceptions for high-end value leads where the PPC cost is very low but the value of a lead is very to the business, an example of this maybe a roofing lead where the potential value of the lead is much higher.
  • How long will we have to wait before get calls? Answer Again this will vary on how competitive your industry sector is and the size of the area you want to cover.  Usually, you have calls coming in about two to three weeks.

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