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At Patric Thomas, we deliver a very personalised internet marketing consultancy service specialising in search engine optimization and all aspects of search marketing services in order to make sure your brand and business gets the best visibility and presence online.

What distinguishes us from other online marketing and SEO practices, we look at the totality of internet marketing and bring a more complete solution to businesses who not only want to have a presence online but who want to convert those visitors into long term customers focusing on not just the optimization of their business and having them on page 1 of the search engines.

who we are and what we do can be summarised in one single formula by which we live by:

Traffic + Conversion = Revenue


Conversion Process


The traffic component is mainly the search engine optimization component where SEO can deliver large volumes of traffic to you website or landing page, however, other methods such as email, video and ads can also assist.


The conversion part of the formula analysis and looks at what visitors do when then come to your site and the process of turning cold prospects into warm leads and on into actual customers.  Most website owners will not know what people do and how the interact with their site and what is appealing and unappealing to visitors, what are your visitors hungry for and what problem are they trying to solve.  When you know this you can assist them

Getting More Clients & Customers

When it comes to any practice building and promoting their presence online and being visible within their industry sector, in order to run a marketing campaign, the usual things are offered by other SEO practices such as Page 1 rankings No 1 positions guarantees and all that is fine but we always say here, what’s the point of a position 1 ranking or page 1 ranking if you have no idea how many viewers are converting into clients or customers?

 “SEO is only one small component of any maketing and customer acquistion campaign”

In order to be effective online you need a full sales funnel irrelevant of what business you have from a small local dental practice to large architect or engineer practice.  X amount of people visit your site on a daily basis, x percentage of them need to converted into clients or customers eventually so you can continue to promote and develop your services.  Think about it, if you run an SEO promotion over the next six months and you spend x amount on that campaign, without a specific return on investment, you cannot continue running that campaign with having a larger return for what you put in.


Without this, you will have a limited time by which you can invest and without the knowledge of what is working with regard to your campaign, you can’t enhance what for your  website visitors.  Your sales funnel or sales process can be something as small as building a profitable list of prospects so you can retarget them or deliver value as long as its profitable.

If you would like us to work out your ROI if you were thinking about investing in SEO, or any online marketing campaign, give us a call today or click on the button below and we will be in touch.