People don’t care what you do until they know why you do it….

patricthomas.com 34 sizeWithout launching into a big long storey of myself and why I am here, let me cut short to what’s relevant to you.  After spending a number of years working in Dublin self-employed with one single large contract managing a large number of training programs for very qualified professionals, when that contract ended, and nothing left to fall back on, I had to ask myself what and where to next?


Having plenty time on my hands to evaluate things, I found the part of my work I liked doing was all things internet related and found myself a bit of an internet junky.  Loved design and internet marketing and found after a while that really, when it comes to the online world, the strength of any business is to having good SEO to promote their business.


if I had these skills, it would allow me be a lot more independent and self-sufficient for the rest of my life so I through myself and my life (including wife and kids) into the world of search engine optimization.

If I look at all the element of online marketing and all the pieces of what makes a good marketing strategy for a business, I have to say that good search engine optimization + conversion is probably the anchor point of where the money comes in the door for any business. So if it was possible to sum up all we do, I would have to say the following formula is what we live by:

“Traffic + Conversion = Revenue”

What does this formula mean?

let me answer it by asking you a question, if someone was to promise you all the traffic and a position 1 placing, you would probably be impressed.  I would say I would prefer a high placement on the search engines, but I would be more impressed if I know that a high percentage of those were signing up to our prospect list and a high percentage of those prospects were being converted from Cold prospects into warm leads and on into long term customers or clients.

What makes us different

byannemarie1Now the challenge with all of this is, there are so many poor value SEO services out there that I did not want to compete with for business and to end up losing clients after spending all that time to earn their trust.  Given the constant changing online environment, the only way I could stay on top of everything is to Join forces with some of the best minds in the world when it comes to Search Marketing and share the skills and mastermind the changing landscape with those who have the skills an influence.  So that is what I did, I network and work with some of the best SEO minds in the world and go where every the learning takes me.


I hold myself accountable and make sure my clients get one to one personal attention from me alone and make sure their investment into their business yields them an even bigger return on investment.  That’s my personal goal for all my clients and my own business of course.  If I can’t deliver that, I don’t work with a client unless it can work for the both of us, I guess that’s how I make sure my clients stay with me in the long run as SEO is a long-term investment and strategy.